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CRP Mowing
If you are enrolled in the CRP and or CREP program, periodic mowing is required.
Brush Hogging
Brush hogging or bush hogging, commercial, oilfield, industrail, ranch, residenitial for al of Texas
Slope Mowing
Slope mowing is dangerous and it takes a special talent, nerve and equipment.
Tractor Mowing
No Matter how tall or thick your grass & weeds are ... we can mow it.
Weed Eating
Weed Eating, Edging, and Blower Services is standard with one of the main services.
Zero Turn Mowing
Zero turn mowing services for residential, commercial, farms, industruial, oilfield, ranches, raw land, and more.
Code Compliance
Business, Consumer, & Investors alike ... Code enforcement is a big thing today. Violation can cost big money ... Maybe even your property.
Dozer Services
Energy Services
Mowing or Clearing Pipelines, ROWS, Solar Farms, Transmission Lines, Wind Farms,
Excavator Services
HOA Services
Offerring all Services to Home Owners Associations and Property Owners Associations.
ROW Service
Right of Way Mowing, Right of Way Brush Hogging, ROW Mowing, ROW Maintenance, Right of Way Weed Eating,
During This Crisis ... We Are Still Offering All Services

Burton Texas Under Brushing Service, also spelled Underbrushing. These are under Brush services that we offer to the entire Burton Texas Area.

Under Brushing is defined as a less intense version of land clearing, where brush is carefully removed rather than scraping the land down beneath the bare dirt beneath it as well as limiting the size of vegetation to be removed to 6 inch diameter. Underbrush clearing usually involves both mowing and hydro-axing. Underbrushing is often written as on word. Two words is the correct spelling.

All services and prices are offered and based on "what type of property it is" ... NOT ...."where it is".

All quotes and services are provided by
Burton Texas Mowing Services staff and equipment.

You speak to us and we perform the under brushing.

Hydro Axing is generally performed with a midsize Hydro Ax machine,
about 100H.P. and 6 ft wide blade with 32 plus cutting teeth .....



For all of your hydro ax needs
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