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CRP Mowing
If you are enrolled in the CRP and or CREP program, periodic mowing is required.
Brush Hogging
Brush hogging or bush hogging, commercial, oilfield, industrail, ranch, residenitial for al of Texas
Slope Mowing
Slope mowing is dangerous and it takes a special talent, nerve and equipment.
Tractor Mowing
No Matter how tall or thick your grass & weeds are ... we can mow it.
Weed Eating
Weed Eating, Edging, and Blower Services is standard with one of the main services.
Zero Turn Mowing
Zero turn mowing services for residential, commercial, farms, industruial, oilfield, ranches, raw land, and more.
Code Compliance
Business, Consumer, & Investors alike ... Code enforcement is a big thing today. Violation can cost big money ... Maybe even your property.
Dozer Services
Energy Services
Mowing or Clearing Pipelines, ROWS, Solar Farms, Transmission Lines, Wind Farms,
Excavator Services
HOA Services
Offerring all Services to Home Owners Associations and Property Owners Associations.
ROW Service
Right of Way Mowing, Right of Way Brush Hogging, ROW Mowing, ROW Maintenance, Right of Way Weed Eating,

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Texas Code Compliance is new to Texas because of Texas Code Enforcement

Most Texans are not familiar with  Texas Code Enforcement and are not aware the impact it can have on their lives and businesses.

Texas Cities have been implementing Texas Code Enforcement
for more than 12 years but most people don't even know its here ...
... and it is not in full force yet ...
with Texas Code Enforcement comes the need for Texas Code Compliance services.

Texas Mowing Service has been performing Texas Code Compliance Services
longer than anyone one else in the state.

The reasons for Texas Mowing Service's success:

1. RELIABILITY: When you hire a our Texas code compliance service what you need most from them is reliability. Once you hire Texas Mowing Service you do not have to worry about Texas Code Enforcement issues.  Texas Mowing Service has a track record of great reliable service being performed accurately, completely and on time.

2. COMPREHENSION: Texas Mowing Service's Code Compliance team fully comprehends the Code Enforcement rules and works diligently to stay on top of existing rules as well as any modifications and or changes.

3. EXPEDITIOUS SERVICE:  In Texas the regulating government agency only has to provide you with a warning once every 12 months.  It will generally be a mailed notification to the address listed with Appraisal District or at the Texas County Court House.

Too many Texans think they can squeeze by but the truth is Texas Code Enforcement officers are almost always notified of violations by your neighbors.


POAs and HOAs have deed restrictions and HOA/POA rules and regulations
that are similar and many cases more strict hand the cities and counties.

Normally once Texas Code Enforcement notifications are mailed to you ...
all you have is 10 days to correct most violations.

Failure to Correct any violation will have devastating costs.

There are fines PLUS up to a 25% administrative fee PLUS the cost for cleaning it up.
The entity performing this mowing and clean up service is always a minimum of
2 times as much as if it were taken care of by Texas Mowing Service.

PLUS Repeat offenders in up with a mandatory court appearance all the cost associated with that.

TCEQ's maximum allowed fine is  ... $2,000 a DAY ... for each and every day you are in violation.
This is always much, much more than what it will cost if Texas Mowing Services cleaned it up for you.

Most Common Violation:
Grass, Brush and Weeds
have a maximum allowable YEAR AROUND height:
Maximum heights in most cities ranges from 9 to 12 inches.
AND they also grow year around and even in drought conditions.
UNDER BRUSH is classified as weeds.
(Check with your local code enforcement office for your maximum height.)


 2nd Most Common Violation:
Sight Visibility
Any Landscaping that includes but is not limited to Architectural Screen,
Building Overhangs, Brush, Buildings, Earth Mounding, Fencing,
Hedges, Shrubs, Trees and Tree Limbs, Walls ...
That Obstructs any driver's view at any intersection on any street is a violation.
No Matter the cause the property owner (YOU) are required to
correct, remove and or clean it up

 3rd Most Common Violation:
Debris, Rubbish, Trash and Illegal Dumping
Regardless of who drops the trash on your property, you,
your spouse, your kids, your employee or a compete stranger ...
No Matter the cause the property owner (YOU) are
required to remove, dispose and clean it up the trash.

4th Most Common Violation:
Abandoned and or Illegally Parked Cars, Boats, Campers,
Cars, MOBILE HOMES, Motor Homes, TANKS, Trucks, Travel Trailers,
Regardless of who places any of the above on your property, you,
your spouse, your kids, your employee or a compete stranger ...
Its hard to believe ... but this includes MOBILE HOMES ...
unscrupulous individuals will haul a broke down worthless
mobile home to your property ... drop and leave it ...

No Matter the cause the property owner (YOU) are required to
remove and legally dispose of any such mobile home or vehicle.


5th Most Common Violation:
Unlicensed, broke down junk cars trucks and other
vehicle and or equipment of any kind...

Any vehicle that has a title, no matter the make, is not allowed be on any public street
if doesn't have a current registration and license. It also must be a working vehicle .
Equipment like lawn mowers, tractors, trash bins, etc in other words anything
that is not directly related to the residence or commercial property is also a violation ...

and once again ... No Matter the cause the property owner
(YOU) are required to  license and or remove any such vehicle

6th Most Common Violation:
Homeless transient people squating on YOUR property and trashing it.
This is a real problem with very serious consequences for property owners.
Homeless people will move onto your property, throw trash all around,
and then city will expect  ... demand that you to clean it up ...
Confronting these homeless people there can be an altercation ... AND
YOU will be in trouble ... so you must know how to properly and legally deal
with this situation ... you the property owner have to again properly
and legally remove these homeless people off and then keep them off ...

There is many times as more trash, hidden in the brush, than what you can be seen here.
This is caused by of homeless people squating in these woods ... this is downtown Dallas!
With no place else to go Homeless individuals move into overgrown areas. 
We make it so there is no place for anyone to hide.

7th Most Common Violation:
Stagnant Water - Health Hazard
Stagnant water, in a swimming pool or pooling on the ground,
is illegal because its a breeding ground for mosquitoes and unpleasant odors.
Watering your grass too much can cause excess water to build up
on your property or a neighboring property downhill.

No Matter the cause the property owner
(YOU) are required properly it drain and cleanthe pool or ground.

Texas Code Compliance Services include Brush Hogging, Bush Hogging, Slope Mowing, Tractor Mowing, Commercial Property, Highway Mowing, Interstate Mowing, Roadside Mowing, Pasture Mowing, Pasture Shredding, Park Mowing, Public Land Mowing, Strip Mowing, Zero Turn Mowing, All Terrain Mowing and more.

Texas Code Compliance Services offers Code Compliance help for Commercial Property, Residential Property and Industrial Property.

Texas Code Compliance Services Energy Services includes but is not limited to OQ Certified Operators, Pipeline Clearing, Pipeline Mowing, Pipeline Spraying, Right of Way Clearing, Right of Way Mowing, Solar Farm Services, Solar Farm Tractor Mowing, Transmission Line Services, Wind Farm Services, Wind Farm Tractor Mowing and more.

Texas Code Compliance Services Land Restoration Services includes but is not limited to Brown Tree Cutter, Extreme Brush Hogging, Forestry Mulching, Hydro Ax Clearing, Land Clearing, Land Clean Up Services, Logging Clean Up, Tree Removal Services, Tree Trimming Services, Underbrushing Services, Weed Eating & Edging and more.

 Texas Code Compliance Services Tower Services includes but is not limited to Cell Tower Clearing Service, Cell Tower Maintenance, Cell Tower Mowing, Radio Tower Clearing Services, Radio Tower Maintenance, Radio Tower Mowing, Tower Removal Service and more.

Texas Code Compliance Services Special Services includes but is not limited to EPA Site Maintenance, Litter Control, Mortgage Field Services, Orchard Mowing Services, Plowing Service, Property Preservation Contractor Services, Tilling Service and more.

Texas Code Compliance Services service areas include but are not limited to: Austin Texas, Dallas Texas, El Paso Texas, Ft Worth Texas, Houston Texas, San Antonio Texas, Alvin Texas, Amarillo Texas, Angleton Texas, Arlington Texas, Azle Texas, Bay City Texas, Baytown Texas, Beaumont Texas, Big Spring Texas, Bryan Texas, Brenham Texas, Brownwood Texas, Buda Texas, Caldwell Texas, Canyon Lake Texas, College Station Texas, Conroe Texas, Corpus Christi Texas, Corsicana Texas, Cypress Texas, Denton Texas, Dickinson Texas, Friendswood Texas, Galveston Texas, Georgetown Texas, Grand Prairie Texas, Hearne Texas, Hereford Texas, Huntsville Texas, Katy Texas, Kerrville Texas, Killeen Texas, Kingwood Texas, Lake Jackson Texas, League City Texas, Longview Texas, Lubbock Texas, Lufkin Texas, Madisonville Texas, Magnolia Texas, McKinney Texas, Mesquite Texas, Midland Texas, Nacogdoches Texas, Navasota Texas, New Braunfels Texas, Odessa Texas, Palestine Texas, Pasadena Texas, Pearland Texas, Plano Texas, Port Arthur Texas, Rosenberg Texas, Round Rock Texas, San Angelo Texas, San Marcos Texas, Seguin Texas, Spring Texas, Sugar Land Texas, Temple Texas, Texas City Texas, Texarkana Texas, Tomball Texas, Tyler Texas, The Woodlands Texas, Universal City Texas, Victoria Texas, Waco Texas, Waxahachie Texas, Weatherford Texas, Wichita Falls Texas and the entire State of Texas.

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