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Texas Strip Mowing, Texas Strip Mowing Services, is offered to the entire State of Texas. Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, Waco, Abilene, Alvin, Amarillo, Angleton, Arlington, Bryan, Beaumont, College Station, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Bay City, Baytown, Big Spring, Brenham, Brownwood, Canyon Lake, Conroe, Corsicana, Denton, Friendswood, Georgetown, Hereford, Huntsville, Kerrville, Killeen, Lake Jackson, League City, Longview, Lubbock, Lufkin, Madisonville, McKinney, Midland, Nacogdoches, New Braunfels, Odessa, Palestine, Pasadena, Pearland, Plano, Port Arthur, Rosenberg, Round Rock, San Angelo, San Marcos, Seguin, Sugar Land, Temple, Texas City, The Woodlands, Tyler, Universal City, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Wichita Falls

Texas Strip Mowing mowing is a useful technique for controlling the invasion of woody stems in grassland situations where the desired plant composition is currently present but the wildlife species being managed for have limited mobility or small home ranges.   Managing a grassy field for eastern cottontail rabbits would be a good example, where the objective is to maximize the interspersion of tall erect vegetation for protective cover, with short succulent vegetation for foraging.  By alternating mown and non-mown strips of vegetation across the entire field, the whole field can continue to supply both habitat types and support a healthy rabbit population while keeping the invasion of woody stems in check. 

Texas Strip Mowing is typically conducted over a two to four-year period where only one-half to one-fourth of the field is mown in any given year in linear strips across the entire width or length of the field.  Mown and non-mown strips of vegetation are alternated with one another. Whether the entire field is ultimately mown over a two, three or four-year period depends on site conditions such as soil fertility, annual soil moisture, and the extent to which the site is prone to seed dispersal from mature trees near the area.  Typically, a site with high soil fertility and moderate soil moisture is more apt to experience rapid woody growth once the seed source has become established.  Therefore, a greater portion of the site will need to be treated with strip mowing in any given year to keep woody succession under control.  On low fertility and droughty sites, strip mowing one-fourth to one-fifth of the field in strips each year may be all that is needed to keep woody invasion at bay.   

Remember that the primary purpose of conducting strip mowing is to control woody invasion.  Therefore, utilize strip mowing only to the degree that it is necessary to control woody plants and to maintain the proper habitat for the wildlife species being managed.  If the area being managed has extensive woody invasion pressure, then alternative habitat maintenance practices, such as strip disking, strip spraying, or prescribed burning, might be better choices for maintaining the grassland. When conducting strip mowing, the landowner should first determine the frequency (two to 5 years) at which each portion of the field should be mown.  Based on the desired frequency, the landowner should then determine the width and number of both the mown and non-mown strips.   

Narrow strips of non-mown cover increase the ability of predators to more efficiently locate potential prey; therefore, non mown strips should be at least 30 feet wide - if not wider.  To simplify the task, most landowners use the width of their mower as a guide.  For example, let’s suppose that the landowner’s objective is to apply strip mowing to one-third of the field each year.  The landowner might accomplish this by mowing a linear strip equal to twice the width of his mower.  In other words,mow a strip and then turn around and mow another strip immediately next to the first one back to the
beginning.  The landowner would then skip an area equal to 4 times the width of his mower, before mowing another strip twice the width of his mower.  The landowner would continue alternating the
sequence (mow 2 widths, leave 4 widths) until the far end of the field is reached.   The next year, the landowner would begin by mowing one-half (2 mower widths) of each of the strips that he did not
mow the first year.  The third year, the landowner would mow the remaining strips that were not mowed the first and second years.

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